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Prostate and Kidney Therapy

Brachytherapy is offered as an option for treatment of prostate cancer in men. This type of radiation therapy also referred to as “seeds” or “interstitial radiotherapy” involves implantation of radioactive seeds/pellets into the prostate. It can be combined with external beam radiation in some cases to reduce the risk of cancer spread to local regions.

Placement of the brachytherapy seeds is guided by CT or ultrasound. Seeds are 4.5mm long, approximately the size of a grain of rice. During the placement of radioactive material may cause pain or discomfort but should resolve once it's in place.

Afterwards, the body will emit low doses of radiation from the treated area. You will be asked to distance yourself from infants, pregnant individuals and small pets for the first few weeks after which time the amount of radiation in your body will diminish, and restrictions will be discontinued.
Side effects of brachytherapy are specific to the area being treated. Because brachytherapy focuses radiation in a small treatment area, only that area is affected.

You may experience tenderness and swelling in the treatment area. Some individuals experience side effects of irritation to the bladder and bowel.

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