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The Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction in the Elderly

Erectile Dysfunction in The ElderlyBy Shahram S. Gholami, Tulio Meyer Graziottin and Tom F. Lue

If the 1990’s were termed the decade of the prostate, then the dawn of the new millennium should be remembered for the rebirth of the penis. A number of studies have indicated a progressive decline in sexual function in healthy aging men. The estimated prevalence rate of erectile dysfunction rated mild to severe ranges from 39% in 40 year olds to 67% of the seventy-year-olds. The probability of complete loss of erection capacity increases from 5% at 40 years of age to 15% at 70 years. With the discovery of the seeming panacea, sildenafil, a large fraction of these patients can resume their previously hindered sexual lives. The treatment of erectile dysfunction has quickly moved from the urologist’s office to the general practitioner. Although at first glance, this may be a blessing for both groups, the complete evaluation and care of the patient with erectile dysfunction must not be forgotten.

Erectile Dysfunction in The Elderly